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Extensive experience in managing Contracts, Projects planning & control, and Delay analysis.
Having 22 years of solid experience in leading and managing a team combined with key stake holder’s management.

Zia Khan

Proficient in working with various contracts like EPC, PPP and LSTK, and have extensive knowledge of ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution), SoC (Statement of Claim) and SoD (Statement of Defense).
Expertise in the following areas:
In the process of preparing a comprehensive ‘Master List of Events’ for thorough Disruption Analysis, we delve into the intricacies of Critical Path Analysis and assess its impact on the program, particularly in determining the need for an Extension of Time. Effective communication and coordination with senior management and stakeholders form the bedrock of our approach, ensuring a harmonized integration of the Project Performance team with the projects they are embedded in. Our emphasis is on fostering a performance-driven culture within projects and programs.
Guiding project leadership and managers is a pivotal aspect of our role, encompassing diverse Project performance parameters—ranging from cost control and risk management to project planning and change control. We are committed to robust performance reporting and monitoring, extending beyond conventional metrics to include community, environmental, and safety considerations.
Our support extends to facilitating project and program reviews, conducting deep dives to pinpoint performance issues, enabling early intervention, risk mitigation, and timely escalation when needed. Providing guidance and support to teams embedded in projects is fundamental to our approach, ensuring a collaborative and effective working environment.
In the realm of Delay Analysis Techniques, we employ methodologies such as TIA, WA, and a detailed comparison of Planned versus As-Built, offering a nuanced understanding of project timelines. Additionally, our expertise extends to adeptly managing contractual issues, ensuring that contracts are navigated with precision and potential challenges are proactively addressed.


Mohammed Zia is very experienced professional, his exposure in various Construction projects from the design stage to the forensic analysis stage has polished his skills, he has a very good understanding of Commercial, Contractual issues of the project, and a very depth knowledge in Project Controls, and he has proactively worked on Arbitration cases, Concurrency cases which has made him a competant professional in the Claims industry, I would like to recommend Zia in Commercial / Claims / Project Controls field of an organization.
Syed Samey Uddin
ACIArb, PMI-SP Senior Planning ManagerSenior Planning Manager
Zia was a great asset to the claims and dispute team we had at Al Geemi and Partners where I had the pleasure of working with him for slightly over a year. I also worked with Zia at Overseas AST where again he proved to be a great asset to the Contracts Team working within the Civil Marine Division of the company. Zia thinks on his feet and is able to come up with solutions to site problems quickly. His input was critical to us in all the Claims we worked on at both companies.
Stephen Manjai
Commercial Director at JLL