Our Services

Our experts and experienced construction professionals provide claims management, dispute resolution, delay claims and analysis, project management, commercial advisory and contract management for developers, contractors, builders, litigation and insurance companies across Australia.

Tackling complex projects

Our project management stellar expertise allows us to track, manage and complete large scale projects.

Commitment to quality delivery

Quality of delivery is our guarantee. With a strong track record of project completions, we provide an unparalleled experience.

Elite team of professionals

Our team of experts delivers value on project management, site supervision, claims, contract management and design.

Our Services

Project Management

At SynePeak, our team of dedicated project management professionals is committed to achieving outstanding results by efficiently navigating the challenges of time, budget, and quality constraints.

Dispute Resolution

Choosing a professional for contractor dispute resolution has key advantages, primarily being a faster and more cost-effective process than going to court.

Delay Analysis

Delay analysis, or schedule delay analysis, involves examining and investigating an event to determine the cause of a project delay.

Planning & Project Controls

Project planning and controls are vital components that offer the necessary processes and tools for efficiently managing a project

Commercial Management

SynePeak offers comprehensive commercial contract management advisory and construction contract management services in Australia.

Take Charge Of Your Projects With SynePeak