Planning & Project Controls

Project planning and controls are vital components that offer the necessary processes and tools for efficiently managing a project. As projects naturally evolve, adapting the plan to reflect dynamic changes becomes a challenge. Yet, when executed effectively, programs serve as excellent tracking and forecasting mechanisms. SynePeak excels in integrating financial, time, and commercial control within your project, ensuring precise forecasting and a clear understanding of outcomes. Armed with this information, management can make well-informed decisions to steer projects toward success.

Project Management Control

Our Approach

At SynePeak, we are committed to implementing the best practices in project control management. Our team of experienced and independent professionals, widely recognized in the industry, brings a wealth of knowledge to every project we undertake.


Our professionals are highly qualified and have diverse experience in the industry, allowing us to offer top-notch advice and promote the use of cutting-edge project control tools and systems.

Industry Engagement

To stay at the forefront of industry practices, we prioritize continuous professional development and engagement with the latest trends. This ensures that the information we provide is not only accurate but also relevant to the evolving landscape of project control management.

Why choose SynePeak for planning and project controls?

SynePeak, a versatile construction consultancy headquartered in Sydney, Australia, stands out for its profound expertise in construction project management. Regardless of the project’s complexity, SynePeak is ready and equipped to handle it.
Our Planning and Project Control services bring transparency to various project aspects:
  • Planned sequence of tasks
  • Applied strategy
  • Project schedule
  • Work development
  • Timeline slippage
  • Critical and non-critical works
  • Works that are non-critical
  • Anticipated project completion
We take pride in staying current with industry practices, with our consultants regularly engaging in professional development and industry interactions. From construction claims to project management, we handle diverse challenges efficiently. While each project is unique, our experience distinguishes us, enabling us to tackle any project management task effectively.
Our project management professionals at SynePeak are dedicated to meeting clients’ needs, emphasizing a personal, determined approach to achieving desired outcomes. This commitment has been integral to our success in completing complex construction projects in the industry.

What is planning and project controls?

Planning and project controls play a crucial role in the realm of construction project management, addressing the need for organized coordination in the execution of extensive and intricate construction endeavors. Project managers undergo specialized training to supervise and synchronize these projects, ensuring their success from initiation to completion. Typically, when an owner expresses interest in a project, they engage a firm, and the project manager takes charge from the outset, ensuring that the final construction aligns with the owner’s specifications.
While this process may sound thrilling, it is, in reality, a complex and time-consuming journey that doesn’t unfold overnight. Both small and large firms can significantly benefit by enlisting the services of a construction project management company equipped to handle these intricacies and navigate the necessary coordination for an ideal project, and SynePeak excels in this regard.
Construction projects, with their inherent complexities, demand extensive coordination among all involved parties. The construction project manager acts as the overseer, providing guidance and ensuring the project evolves from a mere concept to a fully realized endeavor. This requires substantial direction and persistence, but the project manager’s expertise can breathe life into any well-thought-out project while mitigating the risks inherent in construction work.

Services Offered

We excel in creating robust project schedules and translating them into actionable plans. Our approach involves breaking down the intricacies of projects into manageable building blocks and enhancing project transparency through thorough controls.
Our Project Controls and Planning services encompass a wide range of activities, including:
  • Project planning
  • Schedule creation
  • Program development
  • Logic creation and adjustments
  • Time location diagrams
  • Documentation of schedule basis
  • Schedule risk analysis
  • Project controls management
  • Project launch
  • Program maintenance
  • Program health checks
  • Baseline management and status updates
  • EPS structuring and management
  • WBS structuring and management
  • Activity reviews
  • Time-chainage diagrams for linear projects
  • As-built records
  • Progress Monitoring and Reporting
  • As-built verification
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Reporting
  • Design, Procurement, and Construction Scheduling
  • Project Close-Out and Systems Commissioning Scheduling
  • Work breakdown structure development
  • Cost breakdown structure development
  • Earned value management
  • Management Dashboard Reporting
  • Independent program reviews
  • In-house program reviews
  • Program comparisons
  • Custom program reviews
  • Project schedule reporting and performance
  • Implementation of schedule reporting templates, offering insights into forecasting and specific areas of concern
  • Baseline schedule development and review
  • Schedule analysis and critical path analysis.